STEP 1: Get a VR Ready PC

In order to develop for Virtual Reality I need to build a PC capable of doing VR.

I haven’t built a new PC in almost 10 years so I convinced myself it was time to shell out a pretty penny to build something that was what I really wanted. I initially budgeted for about $1600 but as you’ll see I ended up going over by almost $350. That’s okay because I want this thing to last at least a few years before it’s completely obsolete and I hope to get some returns out of it by building games and applications that I can hopefully sell in VR Marketplaces. I didn’t really have any color/style theme planed. Honestly I kinda just bought components that had a lot of eggs and weren’t exorbitantly priced. I’m no pro at selecting PC parts by any means. Here’s my order:

I placed the order on


I had a little verification hiccup with my bank because of the large purchase amount but I got it smoothed out and the order is confirmed! All the items should be packaged around the middle of next week and then they’ll be shipped. I’m eager to get my tracking numbers. I’m already starting the rebate process. I’m curious to see which items get here first!


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