Software Installations

After flashing the BIOS and making sure all my settings were where I wanted them I installed my OS, Anti-Virus and my VR development software of choice.

The Operating System:  I chose Windows 10 because for a few reasons: 1. Future Proofing 2. DirectX12  and 3. Because we’ll all have to eventually…

Anti-Virus: I chose Malware Bytes and Malware Anti-Exploit because they have pretty solid protection and Anti-Exploit prevents even zero-day software exploits by monitoring software behavior.

Game Engine: I chose Unity 3D because I’ve had a lot of experience with Unity 3D already and I’ve found the engine to be intuitive and uncluttered for indie game development.

3D Modeling/Animation: I chose Autodesk Maya because this is the software that started it all for me. I fell in love with Maya fifteen years ago when I discovered it on a high school classroom computer by accident and taught myself ever since.

Image Editor: I chose GIMP mainly because it’s FREE and it works well. Plus there are useful plug-ins for all sorts of things such as creating normal maps (even though normal maps are moot in VR)

I also downloaded and installed the Oculus Rift Runtime Environment, the Oculus SDK and the Oculus Unity Plugins.

Installed Windows 10

Installed Windows 10 from a Bootable Flash Drive


Also installed Speccy to check on my hardware temps. This is 5 mins after bootup while idle.

I also installed Speccy to check on my hardware temps. For anyone interested in PC temps this is 5 mins after bootup while idle in a room at 72 degrees F and 50% Humidity.


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