Oculus SDK 1.3

Today the new Oculus SDK 1.3 was released as well as the Oculus Home software a portal that users will by default enter into when they start up their Rifts. This will be where users will make their purchases and downloads happen through the VR interface. 1.3 marks the end of pre-consumer version development and the beginning of development after CV1’s release (Consumer Version 1 for those who are acronym adverse). I downloaded the new SDK and the Home app and I was delighted by the Home interface but I have been having trouble with Unity development in 1.3. I should have most of the wrinkles smoothed soon hopefully and I’ll be back up and running with this new SDK. Suffice it to say I am not able to jump into Play mode with the DK2 headset like I was before even with the proper Unity Package installed. On the brightside Oculus has officially shipped and consumers should be receiving their Rifts in the coming weeks! Meanwhile I’ll continue to develop with my DK2 until the touch is released or when I order┬áthe HTC Vive!

The new Oculus SDK 1.3

The new Oculus SDK 1.3


Oculus Home – Image From: http://www.theriftarcade.com/


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