Step 2: Build a Game

( Step 1 was Get A VR Ready PC )

If you read previous post you may remember I was having issues with Unity not working in VR with Oculus SDK 1.3 and it turns out that was because I needed to download a patch for Unity as described here.  So now I have my VR Ready PC built and I have all my Development Software installed and working and I have some VR Headsets. My next step is coming up with a small game idea and build the first tiny iteration of it. I always enjoyed the Escape the Room games you could play on web pages in Flash or on your phone now days as an app so I thought I might try my hand at making an Escape the Room VR version as my first toe dip in the VR game development waters.

Boiling it down to the bare basics here I just need to start with a Room, a Key and an Exit and get that working first. After that maybe I’ll add a Main Menu and the level change code and then start sprucing up the levels.

Starting with the basics

Starting with the basics

I’m getting started on making the first iteration of the idea now and I’ll post my progress after a few days!


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