Completed Proof of Concept

I was able to successfully implement a proof of concept of my Escape The Room VR game. Below is a video of me playing the game. It is very simple but this is just the first iteration of the game. Now that I have the basic mechanics, VR Ray Cast selection of items, menus, and a basic room to escape from I can further this idea into more complex iterations and investigate how to replicate the concept on other platforms besides the Rift such as Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive and even the Microsoft HoloLens as I’ve found a tutorial online that shows how to develop for the HoloLens in Unity by using an emulator.

You can download and play my demo scene if you have an Oculus Rift or a DK2 by clicking here. You will of course get a warning when you download it because it is a zipped folder that contains a .exe file but don’t worry the file is safe. You may also have to go to your downloads page if you’re in Chrome and click ‘Keep’. You will need Oculus Home running first before being able to run the exe file. After it starts you will need to accept the “External Application” warning from within the headset to continue. Use your mouse click or your XBOX ONE controller’s A Button to select items within the game.



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