The Components Have Arrived

Ordered the EVGA 980Ti last night and should have it by Tuesday. Went home during lunch and found my components had arrived! I quickly unpacked them and took some snapshots. I repackaged my Gigabyte video card and dropped it off at FedEx to return to NewEgg.

The Unboxing.

The Unboxing.


The Contents:

It's like Christmas in here!

It’s like Christmas in here!


Can’t wait to get home from work to start my build!

EVENING UPDATE: Choosing Different Video Card

After looking closer at the lower end reviews of the Gigabyte video card I chose and then finding a much better card for not much more money I decided I will be returning my GIGABYTE G1 3.5GB 970 card for an EVGA 6GB 980Ti card! I called NewEgg and asked them if it was ok to return and they said, “OF COURSE it’s okay!” and then, “Here, let us pay for the shipping of that product back to us!” Gotta love NewEgg! Placing the order for the new video card tonight!