Web Design:

Colombo Spindles

Colombo Spindles

Client Website

Used PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress

#1 on Google Search for: “Colombo Spindles”

Created Brand, Logo and Customized WordPress Theme, Search Engine Optimized, Google Analytics



Game Design:

Baby Mammoth’s Journey To Mars


Worked on a team during Global Game Jam to make an XBOX Live Arcade Game in a matter of days. It’s in the store for $0.99!


Integrated Artwork into the game


Level Designs



Discover YOU!

3D Heart Animation

3D Heart Animation

Worked with a  Children’s Health Museum in Charlotte, NC to create many different interactive exhibits

Created Beating Heart Animation

Created Blood Flow Touch Game

Created Racing Mind Game

Web Based Ticketing System

Used Adobe FLASH, Autodesk MAYA, ActionScript 3, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Photoshop



Escape The Room VR

I am currently working on a Virtual Reality Game for the Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard utilizing:

Unity 3D, C#, Modeling, Texture Mapping, Animations, Realtime Lighting, VR Interactions

Check out a demo