Skills: Experienced Software Developer/Web Developer Front End and Back End/UI/UX/Game Developer/Oracle Database Administration and Application Integration

Software and Languages: Autodesk Maya 3D Modeling/Animation, Unity 3D, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Linux/Unix/AIX OS & Korn Shell, XML, PHP, MySQL, C++, C#, Enterprise Oracle PL/SQL,


Infor Global Solutions 12/16 – Present
Cloud Database Administrator

I am currently a Cloud Database Administrator at Infor Global Solutions in Greenville, SC.

I maintain the Oracle Databases for Infor’s Enterprise Asset Management product using Linux Administration skills, Infor’s CloudSuite product and scripted automation solutions.

Greenville Health System 03/15 – 12/2017
Software Developer
I worked as a Software Developer in the Information – Services Business Systems & Financial Applications Department at Greenville Health System – Downtown Memorial Hospital in Greenville, SC. I worked to develop, customize, deploy and maintain custom Healthcare and Financial Applications such as:
⦁ EPIC Healthcare Integrations with our Finance and Warehouse System
⦁ Oracle Database Administrator: Worked with tables and queries dealing in million+ records of healthcare supplies and financial data
⦁ Customized deployed and managed Payroll, Accounts Payable, HR, Grants, Finance, and Capital Budgeting Software
⦁ Integrated, developed and maintained Medical Warehouse Management software dealing with hundreds of thousands of medical equipment and implants.


Lowes Corporate 02/14 – 3/15
Software Developer
Worked in the Distribution community on a 2.5 year 11.5 million dollar project to upgrade the Warehouse Management System.
⦁ Deployed custom C code written in VI on UNIX to production to Regional Distribution Centers nationwide
⦁ Analyzed Current State and Future State and performing Gap Analysis
⦁ Worked with the End Users to create Business Process Flow Mapping and match them with Business Requirements
⦁ Documented current system functional flow and data mapping
⦁ Implemented large scale software installation and customization at Distribution Centers nationwide


T1Visions, LLC: 06/12 – 01/14
Software Developer
Primary responsibilities were using XML Property Lists to describe how a “skin” was designed. This behaved much like a cascaded style sheet but it worked for a stand-alone proprietary application.
⦁ Integrate code from the primary programmer and art/content from the artist into a polished functioning application that matched the mock-up designs for each new client.
⦁ Maintained the company website using WordPress.
⦁ Utilized JQuery and JavaScript by inserting them into WordPress to enhance the functionality and interactivity of the web pages.
⦁ Built and maintained a custom Customer Facing Content Management System from scratch using LAMP.
⦁ Built webpages that interacted with our clients pre-existing sites for which I used PHP to integrate with their systems.
⦁ Created a sign-in kiosk for their guests to use that captured their information and created a 3D Barcode badge for them that guests used throughout the exhibits.
⦁ Created interactive educational software for children to learn specific concepts.
⦁ Created Flash application where kids destroy “plaque” that are floating through a cut-away of a heart to show them that plaque in your bloodstream can clog your arteries.


CyberSprocket: 03/12 – 04/2012 (2 month project)
JR. Software Developer
CyberSprocket created and sold custom WordPress plugins that we designed using PHP, JavaScript and JQuery.
⦁ Worked on several different projects including Custom WordPress Plugins, Content Management Systems, Amazon APIs, PayPal APIs, database design.
⦁ Worked in an Agile development environment using Git Code Repository on Linux


VarnerMiller, LLC: 01/12 – 02/12 (2 month project)
Contracted Multimedia Developer
VarnerMiller is a software training company. They have contracts with the Department of Education among others.
⦁ Worked in the Department of Education contracts side.
⦁ Created interactive and engaging software and simulations for grade school children to learn concepts formulated by experts from the Department of Education.
⦁ Used C# and Unity3D to build interactive 3D environments that children can use to learn specific concepts.
⦁ Involved with 3D modeling and animation as well as integration of the product within a web environment.


UNC Charlotte: 06/2009 – 10/2011 (3 month program during summer for 3 years)
Contracted Software Developer
Contracted to work in the CS Lab on a Duke Energy project. They required a massive online social application with heavy graphical design elements (3D) that promoted a better energy lifestyle to users while enjoying a casual “game” that was fun yet educational.
⦁ Role included web development working on the front end (interface) as well as the back end (database).
⦁ Created test cases and ran a distributed user testing method.
⦁ Integrated outside code and artwork, assisted with integration of 3D environment into Facebook.
⦁ Used PHP, MySQL, Unity 3D, Maya, Facebook API.
⦁ Worked in an Agile development environment within a team of 14 people.


The Hive: 01/11 – 05/2011 (University Internship Experience)
Website Developer & Internet Marketer
Worked in an Agile Development environment. Researched, strategized and implemented a web marketing plan for multiple local non-profits, including The Rock Hill Economic Development Foundation, to attract businesses worldwide to relocate to Rock Hill, SC.
⦁ Used tools and methods such as blogging, social media, search optimization, and website testing.
⦁ Collaborated with the Rock Hill School District Foundation to develop and promote their new website to improve fundraising results.


Team SlashStar: 01/11 – 02/11 (2 months project)
Software Developer
Participated in a team event for the 2011 Global Game Jam. In less than 48 hrs. we created an XBOX Live Arcade title called “Baby Mammoth’s Journey to Mars.”
⦁ Came up with the software mechanic idea, was the secondary coder, assistant artist, art flow integrator, and quality control.
⦁ Used the XBOX SDK, Visual Studios, C#, and Photoshop.


Winthrop University
Bachelors of Science in Digital Information Design (Computer Science), 2008 – 2011
Activities and Societies: President of student ACM chapter


York Technical College
Associates of Science, Computer Technology – Networking & Programming, 2006 – 2008
Activities and Societies: President of student ACM chapter